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Come, Explore Barbados with Carson...

Our Vision:

To be the No.1 Interpersonal Tour

Company in Barbados.

Our Mission:

To create an unforgettable

experience for you. 

Established in 1998, Carson's Taxi Service began on its journey.

Owner and entrepreneur Carson Moore left his fixed job of 10 years to launch out on his own.

He knew that making people happy was one of his greatest gifts;

seconded only by his friendly and very pleasant personality.

What better way to bring joy to a person's day or even a few moments with them,

than spending time in their presence.

Carson started the taxi business with his own personal taxi car.

However very soon, realising that he truly had the knack for making a difference

in the lives of those he transported daily, he decided to take the business to another level

by adding a 12 seat van to the fleet and offering island tours,

airport and corporate transfers, contracted chauffeuring, transportation for weddings,

funerals, and other large scale events.

Throughout the ups and downs of the national economic climate

and its effect on the the tourism sector,

we at Carson's Taxi Service have stood the test of time, and continuous change.

And now we are standing by to serve, you.